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Bui may refer to:

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Bùi is a Vietnamese surname. The name is transliterated as Pei (裴) in Chinese and Bae (배) in Korean.

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adj. dark, black, sombre, somber

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bui (de)
n. storm, shower; mood, predominant emotion
v. rain, release water droplets during stormy weather

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Bicycling Under the Influence 


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Từ điển Việt - Anh

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▪ Having a buttery taste

lạc càng nhai càng thấy bùi : the more one chews groundnuts, the more buttery taste they have



▪ To make good, to make up, to compensate

làm bù : to put in compensating work

nghỉ bù : to have some time off in compensation

lấy vụ thu bù vụ chiêm : to make good the failure of the winter crop with an autumn crop


▪ Dishevelled, unkept

đầu bù tóc rối : dishevelled and tangled hair



▪ to suck



▪ Plump, chubby, sappy

cổ tay em_bé bụ : the baby's wrists were plump

chọn những cây bụ đem trồng : to pick out sappy saplings for planting



▪ Dust

giũ sạch bụi bám vào quần_áo : to shake dust from one's clothes

▪ Spray

bụi nước : spray

mưa_bụi lất phất : a fine spray-like rain, a fine drizzle

▪ Bush, grove, clump

bụi cỏ_voi : a clump of elephant grass

bụi tre : a bamboo grove

cây bụi : a shrub

lạy ông tôi ở bụi này

bụi bặm


▪ Dust (nói khái quát)

bàn_ghế đầy bụi_bặm : dusty furniture

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