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CHN may stand for:

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Canadian Health Network
The Canadian Health Network (CHN) was established in 1999 as a national, bilingual health promotion service operated by the Public Health Agency of Canada and major health organizations across Canada. It was an on-line collaborative service and includes health information providers such as national and provincial/territorial non-profit organizations, as well as universities, hospitals, libraries and community organizations.

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Từ điển Việt - Anh

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▪ Owner, proprietor

chủ hiệu buôn : the owner of a shop, a shopkeeper

chủ khách_sạn : the proprietor of a hotel

▪ Master

người chủ đất_nước : the master of the country

phải làm_chủ được mình : one must be the master of oneself, one must be able to control oneself

▪ Employer, boss

chủ và thợ : employer and employee, capital and labour

thay thầy đổi chủ : to change masters and bosses

Airport Code Dictionary

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Airport Name: Chonju Airport
Airport Location: Chonju, South Korea

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