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Eton Fives

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Eton Fives
Eton Fives, one derivative of the British game of Fives, is a handball game, similar to Rugby Fives, played as doubles in a three-sided court. The object is to force the other team to fail to hit the ball 'up' off the front wall, using any variety of wall or ledge combinations as long as the ball is played 'up' before it bounces twice. Eton Fives is an uncommon sport, with only a few courts, most of them as part of the facilities of the public schools in the United Kingdom (as well as Wolverhampton Grammar SchoolSt Olave's Grammar School,  St Bartholomew's School, Newbury and St Saviour's Grammar School, the Royal Grammar School, High WycombeKing Edward's School, BirminghamQueen Elizabeth's School for BoysCity of Norwich School and Oswestry School) and Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Ashbourne; consequently, it has been primarily the preserve of their students and alumni. The only known court to be owned by a private individual in the UK is on the Torry Hill estate in Kent.

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