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Fulminant Hepatic Failure

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Acute liver failure
Acute liver failure is the appearance of severe complications rapidly after the first signs of liver disease (such as jaundice), and indicates that the liver has sustained severe damage (loss of function of 80–90% of liver cells). The complications are hepatic encephalopathy and impaired protein synthesis (as measured by the levels of serum albumin and the prothrombin time in the blood). The 1993 classification defines hyperacute as within 1 week, acute as 8–28 days and subacute as 4–12 weeks. It reflects the fact that the pace of disease evolution strongly influences prognosis. Underlying etiology is the other significant determinant of outcome.

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Ostra niewydolnosc watroby
Ostra niewydolność wątroby (łac. insufficientia hepatis acutaang. acute liver failure) – szybkie pogorszenie czynności wątroby u chorych bez marskości, prowadzące w okresie krótszym niż 26 tygodni od początku objawów do wytworzenia encefalopatii i osoczowych zaburzeń krzepnięcia.

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fulminant hepatic failure
fulminan karaciğer yetmezliği, birkaç sebepten herhangi birinin neden olduğu ani akut karaciğer yetmezliği (özellikle aşırı dozda aspirin, hepatit ve karaciğer hasarı), FHF

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fulminant hepatic failure
sudden acute liver failure caused by any of several reasons (esp. aspirin overdose, hepatitis and liver damage), FHF

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fulminant hepatic failure
فشل كبدي خاطف (ناجم عن أسباب عدة منها الجرعة المفرطة من الأسبرين والتهاب الكبد أو الحاق الضرر بالكبد)

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