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In Sumerian mythology, Kur is considered the first ever dragon , and usually referred to the Zagros mountains to the east of Sumer. The cuneiform for "kur" was written ideographically with the cuneiform sign 𒆳, a pictograph of a mountain. It can also mean "foreign land".

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The cuneiform KÚR sign is used extensively in the Amarna letters. It also has a minor usage in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Its usage in the Amarna letters is due to the letters' topics of "hostilities", "war", or "warfare" in the discord amongst the city-states and the regional discord in the Canaan region. A large subset of the Amarna letters are written by vassal kings in governorship of cities, towns or regions in Canaan.

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Kür (also, Kyur) is a village and municipality in the Shamkir Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 6,833.

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Kur (die)
nf. treatment, cure, medical care, prescribed treatment for an illness, therapy
Kür (die)
nf. free program, optional program, free exercises (Sports)
v. choose, pick, select

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n. course, class, rate of exchance, rate, courtship, flirt, suit, wooing, attention, court, flirtation, par, pass, rush, addresses
n. cure
v. line up, set, set up, constitute, build, build up, construct, establish, erect, organize, found, wind up, base, cock, cog, conspire, fix up, form, frame, ground, install, institute, lay, pitch, plant, promote, put, put together, ruminate, start

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[Mesopotamian] The underworld river in Sumerian mythology.

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