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Kasuganishiki Takahiro
Kasuganishiki Takahiro (born August 22, 1975 as Takahiro Suzuki) is a former sumo wrestler from MisakiIsumi DistrictChiba PrefectureJapan. He made his debut in 1991, reaching the top makuuchi division in 2002 His highest rank was maegashira 5. He retired in 2011 and became an elder of the Japan Sumo Association under the name Takenawa, but admitted involvement in match-fixing after text messages were found on his mobile phone that showed he had arranged the result of bouts with fellow wrestlers the previous year. His testimony was part of the Sumo Association's investigation into the affair which led to 22 other wrestlers being found guilty, most of whom were ordered to retire. Given a two year suspension, he has indicated that he will instead leave sumo completely.

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