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are winning techniques in a sumo bout. For each bout in a Grand Sumo tournament (or honbasho), a sumo referee, or gyoji, will decide and announce the type of kimarite used by the winner. It is possible (although rare) for the judges, or shimpan, to modify this decision later. Records of the kimarite are kept and statistical information on the preferred techniques of different wrestlers can be deduced easily. For example, a pie chart of the kimarite used by each sekitori in the past year can be found on the Japan Sumo Association webpage.

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Liste der Techniken im Sumo
Dies ist eine alphabetische Liste der 82 Siegtechniken (, Kimarite), durch die im japanischen Sumo ein Kampf entschieden wird. Ursprünglich gab es nur 70 Kimarite, durch eine Erweiterung der Regeln durch den japanischen Sumoverband kamen im Jahr 2001 zwölf neue hinzu, wodurch sich teilweise die Namen der Techniken änderten.

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Kimarite , ovvero tecnica utilizzata per vincere in un incontro di sumo. Il Nihon Sumo Kyōkai ne riconosce ben 82. A queste vanno poi aggiunte 5 higi shōbu kekka , non tecniche, ovvero cinque situazioni in cui si vince un incontro senza far uso delle kimarite, e 8 kinjite hansoku , otto azioni che portano alla squalifica.

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Technique. There are about 80 recognized techniques in Sumo. After each match, the winner and the technique are announced. To see them all, go to:

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