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Masked Woodswallow

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Masked woodswallow
The masked woodswallow (Artamus personatus) is a species of bird in the Artamidae family. It is found in Australia and New Zealand. Range: Common nomad, most common in the west of Australia, mainly in drier areas, vagrant Tasmania. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests. Can be found in large flocks also containing the similar white-browed woodswallow. Highly nomadic pale grey with black or dusky face. Male: Black face, underparts delicate grey. Female: Dusky grey face, underparts brownish-grey. Immature: Wing feathers spotted & edged white. Juvenile: Head & body streaked dark & light grey, wing feather spotted & edged white. Voice: Nasal sounding 'Chirp' or 'Check'. Nesting: Cups of new green grass, drying out to become not so green (obviously), in hollow stumps or broken branch tops. Eggs: Speckled greyish, greenish or greyish. 2-3 per lay.

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