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Prasthanatrayi (, IAST: ), literally, three sources, refers to the three canonical texts of Hindu philosophy, especially of the Vedanta schools. It consists of:
  1. The Upanishads, known as Upadesha prasthana (injunctive texts), and the Sruti prasthana (the starting point of revelation)
  2. The Brahma Sutras, known as Nyaya prasthana or Yukti prasthana (logical text)
  3. The Bhagavad Gita, known as Sadhana prasthana (practical text), and the Smriti prasthana (the starting point of remembered tradition)
The Upanishads consist of twelve or thirteen major texts, with a total of 108 texts. The is part of the .The (also known as the ), systematize the doctrines taught in the Upanishads and the .

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