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Surja (sanskr. सूर्य sūrya = słońce) – solarne bóstwo wedyjskie, personifikacja słońca występujące również w późniejszych tekstach mitologii indyjskiej . Bóg Surja przemierza przestrzeń wokół góry Meru w swym rydwanie w okresie doby.

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Hinduizmo mitologijoje: 1. Surja (sanskritu: सूर्य, sūrya, vyr. giminės, „saulė“), saulės dievas.

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Surja (Sanskrit: सूर्य, sūrya, "Vrhovno Svjetlo") je vrhovno sunčano božanstvo prema hinduističkom vjerovanju. Pojam "Surja" se također odnosi i na sunce uopće. U hinduističkoj religioznoj literaturi Surja se pominje kao česta, očigledna i jedina manifestacija Boga koju čovjek može vidjeti svakog dana. U hinduističkim sektama koje obožavaju Šivu i Višnua kao vrhovna bića odnosno istinske i jedine bogove, Surja se smatra samo jednim od aspekata ova dva božanstva. U sekti posvećenoj Višnuu sunce se zove Surja Narajana a u Šivinoj sekti kažu da je Surja jedan od osam Šivinih oblika - Astamurti.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = arise ; become + available ; come into + being ; crop up ; emerge ; rise ; pop up ; come into + existence ; burgeon ; surface ; grow up ; dawn ; spring ; come through ; come up ; come with ; break out ; burst forth ; source ; pop ; set in ; occur ; bubble up.
Ex: The place of publication may also warn of biases in approach or differences in terminology that arise in the text.
Ex: Mini and micro computers will become cheaper and information retrieval software will become available in more financially attractive, user friendly and tried and tested packages.
Ex: I think it would be useful to take just a few minutes to talk about how our institutions come into being.
Ex: Although same problems with software applications, hardware and user training programmes had cropped up periodically, on balance, users are reasonably pleased with their acquisitions.
Ex: In 1961 an International Conference on Cataloguing Principles was held in Paris, and a statement of principles emerged, which became known as the Paris Principles.
Ex: The public library has two choices: to follow the dodo or to rise again like the phoenix.
Ex: It can pop up in one form one week and in another form another week.
Ex: Some university libraries have been built up over the centuries; others have come into existence over the last 40 years.
Ex: The other principal omission from UNESCO's 1950 listing was report literature -- a field of published record which has burgeoned in the last thirty years = La otra omisión principal de la lista de 1950 de la UNESCO fueron los informes, un área que se ha desarrollado en los últimos treinta años.
Ex: Power struggles are surfacing at major academic institutions across the USA.
Ex: In the 1920s and 30s factory libraries grew up in all types of industries, particularly textile industries, but their size and quality varied.
Ex: However, because of the long duration of feudal society, modern civilization, including modern libraries, dawned in China later than in the industrialized Western countries.
Ex: My point is that all literature, every example we can think of, depends for its existence on the tradition out of which it springs -- even the most avant of the avant-garde.
Ex: More sophisticated accreditation systems are coming through, but these are currently relatively little used in these areas, and are more common in ecommerce applications.
Ex: She outlined the tasks she had been assigned and mentioned that if any emergencies came up she was the person to bring them to.
Ex: The problem comes with ideographic languages.
Ex: Loud, unscripted quarrels between unshaven peasants break out in odd corners of the auditorium and add to the liveliness.
Ex: It seems the passions of the people were only sleeping and burst forth with a terrible fury.
Ex: What this has meant is that in the 20th century, ideas are being sourced from all over the globe; and at the speed oflight, so to speak.
Ex: The azaleas are popping, the redbuds are in their finest attire, and the dogwoods are lacy jewels at the edge of the wood.
Ex: Open or compound fractures were usually fatal prior to the advent of antiseptics in the 1860s because infection would set in.
Ex: In DOBIS/LIBIS, this occurs only when entering multiple surnames.
Ex: This book captures the energy and excitement bubbling up in cities across America.
* cuando le surja la necesidad = at + Posesivo + time of need.
* cuestión + surgir = issue + surface.
* dificultad + surgir = difficulty + arise.
* emergencia + surgir = emergency + arise.
* idea + surgir = idea + come up.
* oportunidad + surgir = opportunity + arise.
* peligro + surgir = danger + arise.
* prejuicio + surgir = prejudice + arise.
* problema + surgir = problem + arise ; problem + surface ; problem + come with.
* según surja la ocasión = as the occasion arises.
* situación + surgir = situation + arise.
* surgiendo de nuevas = on the rebound.
* surgir amenazadoramente = rear + its head.
* surgir de = arise out of ; be rooted in ; develop out of ; emanate from ; grow out of ; stem from ; spin off ; come out of ; spring off from ; be born of.
* surgir de nuevo = re-arise.
* surgir de un modo confuso = grow + like Topsy.
* surgir la circunstancia = circumstance + arise.
* surgir malentendidos = arise + misunderstandings.
* surgir sospechas = arise + suspicion.
* surgir una complicación = arise + complication.
* surgir una cuestión = issue + arise ; arise + question.
* surgir una dificultad = arise + difficulty.
* surgir una necesidad = need + arise.
* surgir una ocasión = occasion + arise.
* surgir un defecto = arise + fault.
* surgir un problema de credibilidad = credibility gap + arise.

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v. appear, arise, emerge; intervene; crop up

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