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Ziklag is the Biblical name of a town that was located in the Negev region in the south of what was the Kingdom of Judah.

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Ziklag (Hebreeuws: צִקְלַג) is de naam gebruikt in de Hebreeuwse Bijbel van een stad die was gelegen in de Negev regio in het zuiden van het Bijbelse koninkrijk Juda. De plaats wordt onder meer genoemd in het Bijbelboek 1 Samuel 30:1-31.

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Siclag fou una ciutat del Nègueb al sud d'Israel, identificada amb unes ruïnes que tenen el nom d'Asluj, al sud de Beerxeba, o amb unes altres de nom Khirbet Zuheilikah.

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a town in the negeb, or south country of judah (josh. 15:31), in the possession of the philistines when david fled to gath from ziph with all his followers. achish, the king, assigned him ziklag as his place of residence. there he dwelt for over a year and four months. from this time it pertained to the kings of judah (1 sam. 27:6). during his absence with his army to join the philistine expedition against the israelites (29:11), it was destroyed by the amalekites (30:1, 2), whom david, however, pursued and utterly routed, returning all the captives (1 sam. 30:26-31). two days after his return from this expedition, david received tidings of the disastrous battle of gilboa and of the death of saul (2 sam. 1:1-16). he now left ziklag and returned to hebron, along with his two wives, ahinoam and abigail, and his band of 600 men. it has been identified with 'asluj, a heap of ruins south of beersheba. conder, however, identifies it with khirbet zuheilikah, ruins found on three hills half a mile apart, some seventeen miles north-west of beersheba, on the confines of philistia, judah, and amalek.
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Nave's Topical Bible Dictionary

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• A city within the territory allotted to the tribe of Judah Jos 15:31

• Re-allotted to the tribe of Simeon Jos 19:5

• David lives at 1Sa 27:5,6; 2Sa 1:1; 1Ch 12:1

• Amalekites destroy 1Sa 30

• Inhabited by the returned exiles of Judah Ne 11:28. 

Nave's Topical Bible, by Orville J. Nave. This text is in the Public Domain.

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