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AC (ante Christum)
before Christ (Latin)
A.C. (alternating current)
electric current that reverses direction at regular intervals
a/c (account current)
current banking account, checking account
a/c (air-conditioner)
n. system or instrument that regulates air humidity and temperature (i.e. in a building)
a/c (alternating current)
electric current that regularly reverses direction in a circuit

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AC, A.C. or Ac may refer to:
  • Air conditioning (often referred to as aircon, AC or A/C), the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more favourable conditions
  • Alternating current, a type of electrical current where the current repeatedly changes direction
  • Air Canada, the flag carrier and largest airline of Canada by IATA code

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Babylon Italian English dictionary

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a.C. (avanti Cristo)
B.C., before the Christian Era, before the birth of Christ

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A.C. (año de Cristo)
A.D., anno Domini, in the year of our Lord

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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a.C. (antes de Cristo)
B...C..., before Christ

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