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a gogo

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a gogo
adj. (from French) aplenty, abundant, plentiful, galore, in abundance
n. (from French) À gogo, disco, night club where customers drink and dance to disco music
adj. (from French) of or pertaining to disco, pertaining to disco music, being disco music or disco dances; keeping up with what is most recent, being up-to-date

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À gogo
À gogo may refer to:
  • À gogo (phrase), a term borrowed from French that is often used in popular culture, especially in the field of music and dancing

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a gogó
= aplenty [a-plenty] ; galore.
Ex: The article 'CD-ROM licenses: pitfalls aplenty!' advises how to deal with the licenses which subscribers are required to sign on purchase of CD-ROM products for use in libraries = El artículo "Las licencias de CD-ROM: ¡dificultades a montón!" aconseja cómo negociar las licencias que los suscriptores tienen que firmar al comprar productos CD-ROM para uso en la biblioteca. Ex: There have been promises galore made to delegation after delegation of the film industry, but all the promises have been just promises, hollow and empty.

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