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a gran escala

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a gran escala
= large scale [large-scale] ; massive ; on a wide scale ; high-volume ; wide-scale ; on a broad scale ; in a big way ; on a grand scale.
Ex: It is in the development of such large-scale services that problems are seen most acutely. Ex: When the use of all synonymous terms would result in a massive duplication of A/Z subject index entries 'see references' are employed. Ex: Moder technology allows us to link computers in different centres and to transmit information on a wide scale. Ex: Many households are still without telephone, let alone equipped with the wide-band cable needed for fast, high-volume electronic communication. Ex: Without the stimuli of cooperative agencies, many programmes such as wide-scale interlibrary loan would not have developed so rapidly. Ex: Due to advantages such as access to information on a broad scale, networking is being increasingly adopted in Latin America and in the Caribbean. Ex: The United Nations (UN), its various information offices and its sister agencies are shifting into electronic publishing in a big way. Ex: A 'toxic combination' of poverty and social injustice is killing people on a grand scale, a World Health Organisation report said Thursday.

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