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a la carte

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à la carte
adj. (French) according to a menu that prices each dish separately, priced separately
à la carte
n. (French) menu that consists of individual dishes priced separately
adv. (French) by ordering dishes on a menu that are listed and priced separately
eat à la carte
v. select every dish from the menu instead of eating a fixed combination of dishes at a fixed price, order an item from the menu on its own

Wikipedia English The Free Encyclopedia

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À la carte
À la carte is a French language loan phrase meaning "according to the menu", and used
  • in reference to a menu of items priced and ordered separately, i.e., the usual operation of restaurants. This is in contrast to a table d'hôte, at which a menu with limited or no choice is served at a fixed price.
  • to order an item from the menu on its own, e.g., a steak without the potatoes and vegetables is steak à la carte
  • to describe a retail pricing model in which goods or services traditionally bundled together are separated out, putatively giving the consumer greater choice at lower cost. Examples include airline pricing where in-flight drinks or snacks are not complimentary, on-line music purchasing where individual tracks can be bought instead of entire albums, or pay television where individual channels can be ordered rather than a bundle of channels.

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À la carte (disambiguation)
À la carte is a French expression meaning "from the card", and is used in restaurant terminology.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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a la carte

1. a menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices
(hypernym) menu, bill of fare, card, carte du jour, carte

1. (of a restaurant meal) having unlimited choices with a separate price for each item
(antonym) table d'hote, prix fixe

1. by ordering items listed individually on a menu; "we ate a la carte"

Babylon German English dictionary

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a la carte
a la carte, according to a menu that prices each dish separately

Babylon English-Czech

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à la carte
n. z jídelního lístku
pří jídlo výběr jídel z jídelního lístku

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