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a la larga

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a la larga
= in the long term ; over the long term ; in the end ; eventually ; for the long pull ; over a period of time ; over the long haul ; in the far term ; ultimately ; by and by.
Ex: For a scheme to be successfull in the long term it is vital that there should be an organisational structure to support the scheme. Ex: This project ought to develop over the long term from a system designed to support the exchange of entries in micro-print to a fully automated network for the processing of records. Ex: This is time well invested since it saves money in the end and leads to a higher success rate in providing information = Éste es tiempo bien invertido ya que ahorra dinero en última instancia y permite ofrecer una información mucho más pertinente para el usuario. Ex: Eventually this work on citation orders came to fruition in the rather unlikely context of a new indexing systems, PRECIS. Ex: Thus, the public library in this country for the next few years and for the long pull may be presented with a first-rate opportunity for greater service to its community by defining its service with reference to some qualitative standards. Ex: The vibration may cause the chips to work loose over a period of time, and if they have to be pushed back into their sockets, it is very easy to bend or break one of the 'legs'. Ex: But over the long haul you'll just find that your data is easier and cheaper to get at if you use XML. Ex: In the far term novel techniques are being developed to remove carbon dioxide from fuel gas or flue gas from energy conversion systems. Ex: Moreover, these entries must ultimately direct the searcher to his desired specific subject in the classified file. Ex: By and by Tom's reading and dreaming about princely life wrought such a strong effect upon him that he began to act the prince unconsciously.

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