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a la mode

Babylon English English dictionary

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a la mode
adj. avant-garde, contemporary, fashionable, according to current styles of fashion; served with ice cream on the side (i.e. with cake or pie)

Wikipedia English The Free Encyclopedia

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À la mode (EP)
is the second mini-album by Fujifabric, released in 2003 under the independent Japanese record label Song-Crux.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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a la mode

1. in the current fashion or style
(synonym) a la mode(p), in style(p), in vogue(p), modish
(similar) fashionable, stylish

1. with ice cream on top or on the side; "we served the apple pie a la mode"

Babylon French English dictionary

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à la mode
adj. fashionable, modish

Cooking And Food Terms Dictionary

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a la Mode
(French) Refers to ice cream on top of pie.

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