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a lo largo de

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a lo largo de
prep. along; throughout

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a lo largo de
= along ; down ; throughout.
Ex: This means that a large number of messages can be combined together along the same line, giving economies of scales. Ex: Some users find the format of KWIC indexes unacceptable, they find alphabetical arrangement by keywords down the centre of a page, and wrapped-round titles awkward. Ex: Throughout this chapter the term 'document' is used to refer to any item which might be found in a library or information center or data base.
a lo largo de + Expresión Temporal
= sometime + Expresión Temporal.
Ex: Trends in computer and telecommunications technology are likely to push the public library out of its traditional market: providing recreational reading and information for adults; sometime in the 21st century.

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