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a través

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a través
adv. across, transversely

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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a través de
= by way of ; in the form of ; through ; via ; out of ; through the agency of.
Ex: I do not remember the exact figures, but it was found that about 16 percent of the approaches to the catalog were by way of subject headings. Ex: Thesauri often boast an additional explicit statement of the structure of the relationships between terms in the form of categorised lists or displays. Ex: The contributions are input to the data base, then referred and any suggestion made by the referee are communicated through the data base to the editor. Ex: Access to the contents of data bases is via some computer-searching technique, often using an online terminal. Ex: But these and other interested people collected this type of books out of a mixture of curiosity and sentiment. Ex: This article argues that critical thinking, a long sought after goal in the US educational system, may be taught efficiently through the agency of library use instructions within the college environment.

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