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Abadía is a Spanish municipality located at an altitude of 442 metres above sea-level in the Autonomous Community of Estremadura, province of Cáceres. In 2001 its population was 272 – c. 6 people per square kilometre within an area of 45 km².

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nf. abbacy, office or position of an abbot (head of a monastery); abbey, monastery administered by an abbot

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abadia (f)
n. abbacy, abbey
v. to provide with an abbot or a priest

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = abbey ; convent.
Ex: This article describes the library at the Cistercian abbey of Our Lady of Hope, Sacramento Valley, N. California.
Ex: Libraries founded by the endowments of the royal family and statesmen not only as independent entities but also within mosques, dervish convents and other institutions.

(n.) = abbacy.
Nota: Cargo y/o territorio perteneciente a una abadía.
Ex: Roger retired of old age in 1196, after an abbacy of over fifty years.

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