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v. weigh, measure the heaviness of (an object, proposition, etc.); balance, make even weight; consider; hurl, throw; impel, urge into action

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = careen ; swoop ; pounce (on) ; lunge.
Ex: The jet ultimately shot up fully vertically -- at which point the wings snapped off and the whole works careened down into the ocean.
Ex: Magpies are very protective of their young and may swoop on intruders if they feel threatened.
Ex: The prisoners pounced on the food like hungry beasts and, champing noisily, gulped down the soup greedily, hardly chewing the meat, and burning their mouths.
Ex: When he lunged for her throat, she realized Mark Wilder had become a vampire.
* abalanzarse sobre = lam into ; lay into ; bear down on ; lunge at.

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