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Ethiopian aristocratic and court titles
Until the end of the Ethiopian monarchy in 1974, there were two categories of nobility in Ethiopia. The Mesafint ( , modern , singular , modern , "prince"), the hereditary nobility, formed the upper echelon of the ruling class. The Mekwanint (, modern singular , modern or , "governor") were the appointed nobles, often of humble birth, who formed the bulk of the nobility. Until the 20th century, the most powerful people at court were generally members of the Mekwanint appointed by the monarch, while regionally, the Mesafint enjoyed greater influence and power. Emperor Haile Selassie greatly curtailed the power of the Mesafint to the benefit of the Mekwanint, who by then were essentially coterminous with the Ethiopian government.

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nm. fir, type of coniferous tree

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abeto (m)
n. fir, type of coniferous tree

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = fir.
Ex: These diseases may affect other firs planted in the same area, but will not affect Douglas-fir or other conifer species.
* abeto balsámico = balsam fir.
* abeto de Navidad = balsam fir.
* abeto Douglas = Douglas-fir.
* abeto falso = spruce.

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