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above all

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above all
beyond everything else, more than everything else

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Above All
Above All may refer to:

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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above all

1. above and beyond all other consideration; "above all, you must be independent"
(synonym) most importantly, most especially
2. taking everything together; "she was first and last a scientist"
(synonym) first and last

excellence English-Urdu Dictionary

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. over head
اوپر , اونچے , سر پر
The sky above, the earth below
اوپر امبر تلے دھرتي
2. before
پہلے , پيشتر , سابق ميں
prep. a.
1. higher in place
اوپر , اونچا , بلند
2. beyond
پرے , دور , باہر , بعيد
3. more than
بڑھ کر , اوپر , سوا , زيادہ سے زيادہ
4. too high for
بڑھ کے , بڑھ کر , ”کچھ حقيقيت نہيں“ کا متضاد
Above one's work
اپنا کام اور آپ ہي ناک چڑھاوے
from above
اوپر سے , آسمان سے
above all
adv. a.
سب سے زيادہ يا پہلے , اول
above one another
ايک پر ايک , ايک کے اوپر ايک , تلے اوپر , اوپر نيچے , تہ بہ تہ , ايک دوسرے پر

Moby Thesaurus

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above all
Synonyms and related words:
a fortiori, all the more, chiefly, dominantly, especially, even, ever so, first of all, in chief, in the main, indeed, mainly, more than ever, mostly, never so, no end, particularly, peculiarly, predominantly, primarily, principally, still more, yea

Source: Moby Thesaurus, which is part of the Moby Project created by Grady Ward. In 1996 Grady Ward placed this thesaurus in the public domain.

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