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n. self-restraint, forbearance, avoidance

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Abstinence is a self-enforced restraint from indulging in bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure. Most frequently, the term refers to sexual abstinence, or abstinence from alcohol or food. The practice can arise from religious prohibitions and practical considerations. Abstinence may also refer to drugs. For example, you can abstain from smoking. Abstinence has diverse forms. Commonly it refers to a temporary or partial abstinence from food, as in fasting. In the twelve-step program of Overeaters Anonymous abstinence is the term for refraining from compulsive eating, akin in meaning to sobriety for alcoholics. Because the regimen is intended to be a conscious act, freely chosen to enhance life, abstinence is sometimes distinguished from the psychological mechanism of repression. The latter is an unconscious state, having unhealthy consequences. Freud termed the channeling of sexual energies into other more culturally or socially acceptable activities, "sublimation".

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)
(synonym) abstention
(hypernym) self-discipline, self-denial
(derivation) abstain, refrain, desist
2. act or practice of refraining from indulging an appetite
(hypernym) self-denial, self-discipline, self-control
(hyponym) chastity, celibacy, sexual abstention

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nf. abstinence, self-restraint, abstinency

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n. abstinence

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