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adj. providing musical accompaniment; joining along with; escorting, attending
v. go along with, go together with; join, attach

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In music, accompaniment is the art of playing along with an instrumental or vocal soloist or ensemble, often known as the lead, in a supporting manner. The accompaniment can be performed by a single performer—a pianist, guitarist, or organist —or it can be played by an entire ensemble, such as a symphony orchestra or string quartet (in the classical genre), a backing band or rhythm section (in popular music), or even a big band or organ trio (in jazz). It may be considered the background to the foreground melody.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. following as a consequence; "an excessive growth of bureaucracy, with related problems"; "snags incidental to the changeover in management"
(synonym) attendant, concomitant, incidental, incidental to(p)
(similar) related, related to


1. be associated with; "French fries come with the hamburger"
(synonym) attach to, come with, go with
(hyponym) collocate with, construe with, cooccur with, co-occur with, go with
(derivation) accompaniment, concomitant, co-occurrence
2. go or travel along with; "The nurse accompanied the old lady everywhere"
(hypernym) travel, go, move, locomote
(hyponym) walk
(derivation) escort, accompaniment
3. perform an accompaniment to; "The orchestra could barely follow the frequent pitch changes of the soprano"
(synonym) play along, follow
(hypernym) play
(derivation) accompanist, accompanyist
(classification) music
4. be a companion to somebody
(synonym) company, companion, keep company
(hypernym) consort, associate, affiliate, assort
(derivation) escort, accompaniment

Babylon English-Czech

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v. doprovodit

Babylon English-Polish

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Czas. towarzyszyć; akompaniować; załączać

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