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check out
despedirse (de manera formal del lugar que da servicios de recepción); chequear, hacer revisión específica; morirse (argot)

English Spanish dictionary by Jaime Aguirre

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check out
v.- ver | examinar | ponerle el ojo a | ver | analizar | echarle un buen vistazo a | dar un vistazo | comprobar | ausentarse | pagar e irse de un hotel | fallecer | perecer | morirse | irse de este mundo | estirar la pierna | colgar los guayos (morir - Colombia)
s.- salida | ida


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dejar libre el cuarto, irse de un hotel; verificar, examinar

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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check out1
(v.) = sacar en préstamo.
Ex: The author describes a recent development that permits patrons to check out their own library materials, freeing library staff members for other tasks.
check out2
(v.) = comprobar, examinar, analizar, ver, mirar, echar un vistazo, dar un vistazo, visitar, ir a ver.
Ex: Where problems do arise it is sensible to check out the training programme before blaming the assistant for poor performance of duties.
checkout1 [check-out]
(n.) = comprobación, verificación, inspección.
Ex: To do a proper checkout, you need to remove the driveshaft and pull the bearing cups off.

checkout2 [check-out]
(n.) = caja, caja de pago, cajero.
Ex: Grocery stores place enough candy in your child's line of sight at the checkout line to make your dentist weep.
* checkout area = área de préstamo.
* checkout cashier = cajero, cajero de comercio.
* check-out desk = mostrador de préstamo.
* check-out time = hora de salida.
* checkout unit = dispositivo de préstamo.
* pay at + the checkout = pagar en caja.
* self-checkout [self-check-out] = autorealización de préstamos.
* self-service checkout = caja de autoservicio, autopréstamo.

checkout3 [check-out]
(n.) = préstamo, realización de préstamos.
Ex: Library management systems have reduced the manual tasks of checkin, checkout, catalogue management and the like.

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