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مردروحاني، دين يار، روحانيون، كاتوزي

French English Farsi dictionary

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Xe, clergié; du lat. ecclés. clericatus, de clericus. =>Clerc : Xe; du lat. ecclés. clericus «membre du clergé», puis «lettré», grec cleros,
clerouque (yun.) : vétéran à qui a été remis un lot de terre ou cléros.
from Greek klêrikos, belonging to the clergy, from klêros, inheritance, lot.
niâ-var(z)ân ?!
Gruh i ke kâtuzi-ân xwâni aš
Be rasm e prastandagân dâni ash

From Syria, Egypt, Babylonia, and Persia came the institution of a priesthood seperated from the lay population, possessed of more or less magical powers, and able to exert considérable political influence.

(B. RUSSELL, History of Western Philosophy, p. 466)

MHM Advanced English > Persian (v. 90)

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[.n]: مردروحانى ، کاتوزى ، روحانيون ، دين يار
واژه هاى شامل
clergy ـ (1)

MB_Dictionary of English-Persian

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   مردروحاني‌، كاتوزي‌، روحانيون‌، دين‌ يار.

Farsi dictionary

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مردروحانى ،کاتوزى ،روحانيون ،دين يار

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