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Daj (, also Romanized as Daj; also known as Dazh) is a village in Rud Ab-e Gharbi Rural DistrictRud Ab DistrictNarmashir CountyKerman ProvinceIran. At the 2006 census, its population was 176, in 40 families.

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Nyala language (Sudan)
The Nyala language, also known as Dar Fur, Darfur Daju, Beke, Dagu, Daju Ferne, and Fininga, is an Eastern Sudanic language of Darfur, Sudan, one of three closely related languages in the area called "Daju" (the other two being the Daju Mongo language and the Sila language). It is spoken near Nyala, the capital of South Darfur province by the Dar Fur Daju people. There are two divergent dialects, Nyala and Lagowa.

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Airport Name: Dauan Airport
Airport Location: Dauan, Queensland, Australia
ICAO Code: n.a.

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từ cảm.
 (polite particle) yes; please; I'm coming; I'm here
 gọi dạ bảo vâng
 obedient, well-behaved
danh từ.
 felt; wool; thick cloth
 quần dạ
 a felt trousers
 bụng mang dạ chửa
 to carry a child in one's womb.
 Heart, mind, memory, courage
 Stomach, belly; abdomen
 bụng mang dạ chửa
 be pregnant
 trẻ người non dạ
 young and inexperienced
 ghi lòng tạc dạ
 to engrave on one's heart and mind, engrave on the memory
 lòng lang dạ thú
 wicked; pitiless, merciless, ruthless

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