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generalized seizure

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Generalised epilepsy
Generalized epilepsy, also known as primary generalized epilepsy or idiopathic epilepsy, is a form of epilepsy characterised by generalised seizures with no apparent cause. Generalized seizures, as opposed to partial seizures, are a type of seizure that impairs consciousness and distorts the electrical activity of the whole or a larger portion of the brain (which can be seen, for example, on electroencephalography, EEG).

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Farsi dictionary

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generalized seizure

روانشناسى : حمله صرعى فراگير

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generalized seizure
{روان شناسى}: حمله صرعى فراگير

WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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generalized seizure

1. a seizure (or a type of epilepsy characterized by such seizures) during which the patient becomes unconscious and has convulsions over the entire body
(synonym) grand mal, epilepsia major
(hypernym) epileptic seizure

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