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karma yoga

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Karma yoga
Karma yoga, or the "discipline of action" is a form of yoga based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism. Of the three paths to realization, karma yoga is the process of achieving perfection in action. Karma yoga is said to be the most effective way to progress in spiritual life. Found in the Bhagavad Gita, karma yoga is a part of nature. Karma yoga is taught by teachers of zen who promote tranquility. Karma yoga is an intrinsic part of many derivative types of yoga, such as Natya Yoga. Karma yoga is often understood as a yoga of selfless (altruistic) service.

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Karma Yoga
Karma Yoga (Sanskrit) [from karma action + yoga union] One of the methods or stages of yoga practice and training, involving attaining at-one-ment or union with the spiritual-divine essence within by means of unselfish action or works.

Hinduism Glossary for Introduction to Religion

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karma yoga
A discipline of work or "action." The goal is to achieve moksha through the elimination of one's karma through work, that is, involvement in life and business. Essentially, if a person can work without viewing the results of their efforts as one of their own, then the results cancel part of their karma rather than adding to it. One form of karma yoga works as a version of achieve bhakti yoga , in which a person's actions are seen as a form of love and devotion to a divine being. Another form works as a version of achieve jnana yoga , in which one becomes detached from the work's results as one enters a deeper experience of their Atman . For another explanation go here .

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