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ουσ. οχλοκρατική εκδήλωση, οχλαγωγία, ταραχή, στάση
ρήμ. οχλαγωγώ, θορυβώ

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(Lex**) ταραχή

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Ουσ. οχλαγωγία , βίαιη λαϊκή εξέγερση- διακήρυξη, συλλαλητήριο, στάση, εξέγερση, λαϊκό ξεσήκωμα//
υπεραφθονία (ήχων , λουλουδιών, οσμών κτλ), όργιο
Ρημ. προκαλώ στάση, προκαλώ αναταραχή, οχλαγωγώ//
οργιάζω , θρασομανώ, υπεραφθονώ//
χάνω τον έλεγχο (μτφ.)//

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An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = disturbio, desorden, alboroto, conmoción, revuelta.
Ex: The subjects referred to recur frequently in the writings of the 'socially committed' -- drugs, sex, racism, student unrest, riots, scandals in government, conservation, the role of women in society are among them.
* anti-riot = antidisturbios.
* be a (real) riot = ser la monda, ser para morirse de risa, ser para desternillarse, ser muy divertido, ser divertidísimo, ser muy cachondo, ser cachondísimo.
* imagination + run riot = imaginación + desbocarse.
* let + Nombre + run riot = dar rienda suelta a + Nombre.
* prison riot = motín en la cárcel.
* riot control = control de disturbios, control de masas.
* riot gear = uniforme antidisturbios, vestimenta antidisturbios.
* riot police = policía antidisturbios.
* riot shield = escudo antidisturbios.
* run + riot = desmadrarse, desmandarse, insolentarse.
* war riot = disturbio ocasionado por la guerra.

(v.) = alborotar, causar desórdenes, causar disturbios, amotinarse.
Ex: About 20000 workers rioted over high food prices and low wages on Saturday close to the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, police said.

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