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Siddhanta, a Sanskrit term denoting the established and accepted view of any particular school within Indian philosophy. Literally "settled opinion or doctrine, dogma, axiom, received or admitted truth; any fixed or established or canonical text-book on any subject" (< siddha, adj. mfn.- accomplished, fulfilled; that has attained the highest object, thoroughly skilled or versed in).

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Siddhanta est un terme utilisé dans le jaïnisme pour parler des Écritures sacrées. Il se traduit par: tradition, ou, doctrine. Utilisé naturellement sous le sens de doctrine dans le jaïnisme, Siddhanta est le synonyme pour le croyant de Agamas qui lui veut dire: textes canoniques. Ce mot est moins utilisé par la branche digambara et fait référence par exemple au Mula Sutra: les textes racines: ceux qui sont appris par les moines-ascètes novices.

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Siddhanta (Sanskrit) [from siddha accomplished from the verbal root sidh to accomplish, succeed + anta end, completion] An established or canonical textbook or scientific treatise on astronomy and mathematics. One of the best known and most ancient in India is the Surya-Siddhanta, whose age dates even from Atlantean times. The Surya-Siddhanta itself claims to have been written down under solar instruction by the Atlantean astronomer and mathematician Asuramaya, so that it is contemporaneous with the first appearance of the present fifth root-race.

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