Geology Science (M.M.Ma'leki)

Mohammad Mehdi Ma'leki (Iranian Geologist)

Whether you're looking for a dictionary of the language to translate words into specialized geological,My Geology Science Dictionary Software Babylon, which is made by me, as I suggest. In particular, the Encyclopedia Iran geology, Many geological formations in which Iran is included. I hope you enjoy using this dictionary.This English To Parsi Dictionary contains words , Geology , abbreviations&acronyms , Tectonic , Stratigraphy , Remote sensing , Petrology , mineralogy , Elements , Geotectonic , Photo geology , Volcanology , Hydrology , Paleontology , Structural Geology , Gemology , Geotechnic , Geophysics , Geochemistry , Economic geology , Geomorphology , Dinosaurs , Geologic Time Scale , Mine , etc. Please see my website for updates : me any problems or comments.Thanks

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