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Glossary of Stamp Collecting Terms

Extensive, frequently updated, listing of terms used by stamp collectors to define the intracacies of stamp production and the movement of the mail. Also included are basic terms used by auction firms. More...
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Glossaire de la numismatique

Glossaire de la numismatique, Wikipedia:
La numismatique est la science qui étudie les monnaies et les médailles. Elle utilise un certain nombres de termes particuliers regroupés dans le glossaire.

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About Antiques Glossary

A glossary of antique terms. More...
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Antiques World Dictionary of Antique & Estate Jewelry

This glossary is designed to explain both general jewelry terms, and also those related to tique jewelry. Defines many jewelry terms and includes handy info like a list of birthstones for each month of the year. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Marian Dieter, No. of Definitions: 63 ]
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