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BASSAM Trade, Real Estate, Mortgage, Fund,Invest, Insurance,& Tax,Terms/abbreviations/defin.

Most of us wants to update his knowledge regarding global trading terms and abbreviations, legal Real Estate definitions, Mortgage, Funding, Investment, Insurance, or even Taxation.This will keeps you in right track. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Bassam Q. Hussein, No. of Definitions: 1,282 ]
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Sean_Woo's Finance,GIS & Real Estate Glossary

Comprehensive dictionary on Finance, Real Estate, GIS and Statistics. Most of the definitions come out with a easy understanding example. More info please contact me at More...
[ Glossary Builder: Sean Woo, No. of Definitions: 872 ]
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real estate

Wörterbuch für die Immobilienwirtschaft und das Bauwesen More...
[ Glossary Builder: Marco Reske, No. of Definitions: 272 ]
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Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

A comprehensive dictionary of terms in the real estate and mortgage industries. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Dick Lepre, No. of Definitions: 205 ]
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Debt Busters

A dictionary of real estate transactions terminology More...
[ Glossary Builder: Mike Wagner, No. of Definitions: 64 ]
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