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Tecnologies de la informació

Diccionari de Tecnologies de la informació Anglès - Català / English -Catalan Dictionary of Technologies of Information More...
[ Glossary Builder: Jaume Casas, No. of Definitions: 1,879 ]
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Hill Associates Acronym List

Home-grown listing of acronyms used in telephony, networking, telecommunications, and many areasof computer science. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Hill Associates, Inc., No. of Definitions: 1,565 ]
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Josh's Network Glossary

Terms and definitions for networking and systems administration,including common telco abbreviations and acronym expansions. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Josh Simon, No. of Definitions: 684 ]
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Kiswahili IT Glossary -- English-Kiswahili

Kiswahili IT Glossary -- English-Kiswahili | The Swahili IT Glossary was developed during the localization of OpenOffice. For more information about glossary development: The Swahili IT Glossary is licenced under Creative Commons ShareAlike license. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Richard Madete, No. of Definitions: 645 ]
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GSM abbreviations

Commonly used abbreviations in the telecom industry and other network related terms
Definitions taken from all over the web, not least from 3GPP: More...
[ Glossary Builder: Hans Johnsson, No. of Definitions: 482 ]
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Internetworking Terms

A glossary covering all internet and networking terms for all standards of users. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Rowan Dollar, No. of Definitions: 464 ]
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Marc Ibold; Networking, Internetworking, PC-Englisch, Cisco Terms

Englisch - Deutsch Übersetzung und Erklärung englischer Fachbegriffe aus den Bereichen: Internetworking; Networking; PC-Englisch; Beachtung von Eigenheiten der CISCO-Press; Hinweise und Erklärungen bei "hidden meanings of technical terms" More...
[ Glossary Builder: Marc Ibold, No. of Definitions: 340 ]
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Digital Tv

Glossary of digital TV related terms (in french) More...
[ Glossary Builder: A. Belaidi ENSET Oran - Algeria, No. of Definitions: 306 ]
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DAX Glossary of Key Connectivity Terms

This Glossary is intended to be a brief overview of some of the most-used and most often unknown or misunderstood terms relating to digital connectivity. It is not intended to be a complete glossary of computer, networking, and connectivity terminology. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Chuck Gehman, No. of Definitions: 271 ]
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Domein Excentie's

Een overzicht alle domein-exentie met bijbehorent land, je kan zoeken op excentie (bv .nl) of op land (bv Nederland) [NEDERLANDS]. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Patrick Wassenaar, No. of Definitions: 252 ]
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Comunicaciones y TV

Términos de comunicaciones definidos por la Comisión Nacional de Televisión de Colombia More...
[ Glossary Builder: Santiago Gómez, No. of Definitions: 243 ]
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this glassory contain program information from mobile.See "Help" in glossary for more information .If you have any question or offer, Send me it to.For Upgrade Send me M_STAR1991@YAHOO.COM Thanks for your Support More...
[ Glossary Builder: S.MOHAMMAD BAHRANI, No. of Definitions: 209 ]
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GSM Worldwide Live Networks

GSM Worldwide Live Networks illustrates the spread of live GSM networks worldwide. Included is the operating frequency (e.g. GSM 900, GSM 1800 or GSM 1900) and the date the service went live. Taken from: More...
[ Glossary Builder: Zohar Birkman, No. of Definitions: 172 ]
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