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Amateur Radio QTH locator (Grid Squares)

The easiest way to find the QTH locator/grid square/DXCC entity and other information of most stations active on the VHF and UHF bands. Version 1.1 More...
[ Glossary Builder: Gabriel Sampol (EA6VQ), No. of Definitions: 104,128 ]
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RF Electronics

[ Glossary Builder: RF World, No. of Definitions: 867 ]
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The DJ Glossary

A glossary of terms related to audio engineering & technology. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Stanton Magnetics, No. of Definitions: 417 ]
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Amateur Radio Glossary

A comprehensive guide to Amateur Radio jargon, abbreviations, and terminology. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Rodney R. Dinkins, No. of Definitions: 361 ]
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VFA-13 Aviation Glossary

Comprehensive glossary of aviation and aeronautical terms, including air combat terminology, definitions of personnel and flight maneuver, communication terms and phrases, and the International Radio Alphabet. More...
[ Glossary Builder: George Pytlik, No. of Definitions: 361 ]
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AJA_Glossary of Wireless, RF and Microwave Terms

Glossary of Wireless, RF and Microwave Terms More...
[ Glossary Builder: Armando Juarez Alvarez, No. of Definitions: 265 ]
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AJA_RF Technical and TestTerminology

The following are brief definitions of terms used in RF testing. Also are included some acronyms. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Armando Juárez Alvarez, No. of Definitions: 188 ]
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