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Dicionário dos Sonhos

Quando acordares, olha bem à tua volta para ter a certeza de que ainda não estás a dormir... Este dicionário destina-se àqueles que acreditam em algo mais... Tentarei dar algumas luzes sobre os sinais que recebemos enquanto dormimos, para que possamos os compreender melhor. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Luís da Silva Martins - VNG, No. of Definitions: 2,427 ]
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Dream Dictionary

Delve into the power of your dreams with this Dream Dictionary:
Dreams have always had the power to fascinate humankind. Their enigmatic and cryptic realms unlock insights into our conscious and unconscious minds.
In this Dream Dictionary, you find general as well as detailed interpretations of hundreds of dream symbols helping you to interpret even your most mind boggling dreams. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Gustavus Hindman Miller, No. of Definitions: 2,260 ]
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Español, términos de magia, brujeria, astrologia, etc. México More...
[ Glossary Builder: Roberto Borja García, No. of Definitions: 1,427 ]
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Tabir e Khaab

مجموعه تعبير خواب. *********** مرجع سايت ****************جهت واژه هاي جديد به سايت مذکور مراجعه نماييد. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Saeid Ahmadi Jazani, No. of Definitions: 849 ]
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Fear and Phobia More...
[ Glossary Builder: Rohit, No. of Definitions: 575 ]
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Parsapedia (Englsih - Persian Glossary of Phobia)

English - Persian Glossary of Phobia terms by Mohammad Zahedifar Saravi - 2011 More...
[ Glossary Builder: Mohammad Zahedifar Saravi (Parsa), No. of Definitions: 563 ]
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30-11-02 : Glossaire Anglais-Français et Français-Français des termes essentiels de la Psychologie Evolutionniste (Anthropologie, Biologie, Génétique, Psychologie, etc.). Voir : English-French and French-French Glossary of specialized vocabulory of Evolutionary Psychology (including Antrhopology, Biology, Genetic, etc.). Go to : More...
[ Glossary Builder: Philippe Gouillou, No. of Definitions: 479 ]
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Learning, Performance and Training Definitions

A glossary of terms related to teaching and learning techniques. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Donald Clark, No. of Definitions: 466 ]
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Dream Symbols

This is an extensive dictionary of symbols useful for identifying the subject matter of a dream. The dictionary includes general locations along with locations and devices in houses and buildings. The descriptions for many symbols include links to other pages on the site. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Michael Sheridan, No. of Definitions: 398 ]
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Dream Quotations

This enchanting and motivational dictionary of dream quotations surmounts to an outstanding collection of the forefront and influential thinkers of all times and their relationship with dreams. Browse through it and be sure to find thoughts, inspiration, self-empowerment or sheer amusement in the words of those whose dreams were a constant reminder of our truly nature as humans. Within the wide spectrum covered in the quotations is the understanding of dreams as metaphors for future, hope, plan, achievement, self fulfillment, life, utopia, success, challenge, and possibilities. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Babylon Content Team, No. of Definitions: 146 ]
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Bible Dream Dictionary

The Bible Dream Dictionary is one of a kind in which it contains all possible references to and quotations of dreams as they appear in the Bible. It gives a divinatory as well as an anthropological insight in the realm of dreams and their relevance in the lives and worldviews of the Bible characters in both the Old and the New Testaments. Let yourself be enchanted by finding out the divine power of dreams which held truth in ancient times as much as it does today. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Babylon Content Team, No. of Definitions: 119 ]
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Dream Interpretation & Dream Theories

The Dream Interpretation & Dream Theories dictionary encompasses various facets of the dream and sleep phenomena: from the traditional and the conventional to the vanguard and the eccentric. By browsing through this fascinating compilation of terms you will be introduced to this exciting field of dream research. Explore the varied angles of approaches used in Psychology, Physiology, Oneirology, among others. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Babylon Content Team, No. of Definitions: 114 ]
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Glossary of Significant Concepts in Parental Acceptance-Rejection Theory

This glossary contains the definitions of concepts as they are relevant to the Parental Acceptance-Rejection Theory. Some of the concepts may be defined differently in other theoretical paradigms. Concepts written in bold type within a definition are centrally important to that concept, and are defined elsewhere in the Glossary More...
[ Glossary Builder: Ronald P. Rohner, No. of Definitions: 104 ]
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