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glosario euskera español More...
[ Glossary Builder: jesus lizaranzu, No. of Definitions: 17,465 ]
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Te Reo

Maori-English and English-Maori Bi-directional Dictionary More...
[ Glossary Builder: Bill, No. of Definitions: 7,426 ]
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Sard inian Logudorese-Italian Glossary

Sardinian Logudorese as a kind of mother tongue. A branch of the Sardinian Language spoken and written in Northern Sardinia. Recording words and sentences unconsciously absorbed and memorized since childhood An attempt to translate them into Italian. .A language of the soul. Limba interiore. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Lina Unali, No. of Definitions: 4,550 ]
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Social Work in Canada

A glossary specifically for Canadian social workers and social policy analysts. Contains words used within a range of social work models and approaches to therapy, as well as the terms used in the field of social welfare and social policy in Canada. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Steven Hick, No. of Definitions: 667 ]
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The African Music Encyclopedia Glossary-African Styles of Music

Glossary of terms related to African music More...
[ Glossary Builder: Janet Planet, No. of Definitions: 347 ]
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Flamenco terms

A glossary of common flamenco song types, dance and guitar terms. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Sal Bonavita, No. of Definitions: 227 ]
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Glossary of Folk Musical Instruments & Styles from Around the World

A collection of names of ancient and modern music instruments and styles from different countries and cultures. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Pete McClelland- Hobgoblin Music, No. of Definitions: 205 ]
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Hawaii Ethnic Food Glossary

A Partial Glossary Of Ethnic Foods Found In The Hawaiian Islands. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Tom Clements, No. of Definitions: 183 ]
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English-Rohingya Dictionary (Body Parts)

English-Rohingya Dictionary for human Body Parts designed for Rohingya ethnic people of Arakan, Burma (Myanmar). (C) 2012 Rohingya Language Foundation, UK.

[ Glossary Builder: Eng. Mohammed Siddique Basu, No. of Definitions: 116 ]
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ABC of Arabic Cuisine

Glossary of terms associated with Arabic cuisine. More...
[ Glossary Builder: ArabNet, No. of Definitions: 77 ]
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Jamaica Glossary

Do all your Jamaican friends laugh at you every time you open your mouth and try to speak Jamaican? Jamaicanize your vocabulary here. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Xam Murphy, No. of Definitions: 73 ]
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Madam Mozuna's Caravanserai - Glossary Page

Common terms found in Middle-Eastern Music and Dance More...
[ Glossary Builder: Carl Miller, No. of Definitions: 56 ]
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Hindi Equivalents of English Cookery Terms

A glossary of terms from the Indian cuisine More...
[ Glossary Builder: Indiabuzz, No. of Definitions: 42 ]
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Flavours of Malaysia/ Malaysian delights

A collection of terms of Malaysian herbs, spices and other ingredients. More...
[ Glossary Builder: , No. of Definitions: 39 ]
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The African Music Encyclopedia Glossary-African Artist Alphabetical List

Glossary of terms related to African music More...
[ Glossary Builder: Janet Planet, No. of Definitions: 33 ]
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