Babylon Translator for Mac

The best dictionary application available today, allowing you to understand any word that comes up on your screen instantly!

One click translation | Full text translation | Quick installation

About Babylon

Babylon caters both private and corporate users, offering different solutions to different needs.

Private Users

Private users

The best translation application ,offering dictionary definitions at a click of anything that comes up on your screen! Additional premium features available.

Corporate Users

Corporate users

All of the definitions and translation features available are available for the corporate user.

enterprise users

Enterprise solutions

The enterprise solution offers data retrieval at a click from your very own data warehouse, with optional translation features.

Babylon for Mac includes

Dictionary at a click

Simply point your mouse at a word appearing on your screen, do the babylon click and the definition will appear instantly!

Over 1,600 free dictionaries

Choose from a wide variety of free dictionaries and encylopedias generated by the Babylon community

Text Translation

Translate any full text by clicking on it, or by simply copying and pasting it into your desktop translator. Your desktop tool will intuitively identify the language of your inserted text.

Premium Dictionary Support

When you order the premium version of Babylon, you can purchase and add premium dictionaries and encyclopedias from the world’s renowned publishing houses

Wikipedia Inside!

All the latest information from Wikipedia is now made accessible at a click!

Quick Look Plugin

a sneak peek of content without ever opening it, providing instant preview translation in a small, elegant, adjustable and transparent window.

Money Back Guarantee

Babylon Software has a 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our software within the first 30 days from your purchase, we will refund your money!

The Annual plan is a one-time payment for a 12 month subscription. During this period, you are entitled to free updates and upgrades to the Babylon for Mac product, if and when available.

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