Babylon Translator - For Home

When you are in need for translation, the Babylon Translator is the best solution available today. Babylon Translator allows you to translate any word that comes up on your screen, translating it into a selection of 77 different langauges.

Babylon Software on Laptop

Term Translation

Babylon uses a state of the art OCR technology, allowing you to translate any word that comes up on your screen. Hover over a word you wish to translate, perform the Babylon-Click and the word will appear instantly!

Text Translation

Translate your texts without the need to switch screens, move between applications or even copying and pasting. Translate entire paragraphs at a click, or copy and paste to translate large bulks of texts and full pages.

Document Translation

When you copy and paste texts from your documents, it is hard to uderstand where the text was placed in the document, what text was highlighted and more. With Babylon’s fomatted document translation you simply import the document and receive its translation with the same formatting as the original document.

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