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Zanichelli - Italian Compact dictionary

This essential Italian dictionary by Zanichelli is great for everyday conversation, study and work.


The “Italiano compatto” is a compact Italian dictionary that can easily be navigated through with very clear and precise definitions. The dictionary comprises over 37,000 entries and a great deal of grammatical information. It is useful not only for those who have not as yet fully mastered the Italian language or are not familiar with dictionaries, but also for those who wish to have quick answers regarding the use and meaning of words used in everyday conversation (at school, at the office, stores, etc.) and find the significance of more difficult terms that one reads in books, newspapers or hears on TV or radio.

The dictionary contains the newest words, neologisms and the various ways to use them, foreign words used in the Italian language, scientific terms, and terminology from the arts and technology and much more.


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