Babylon Glossary Builder

Babylon's FREE glossary builder is a user-friendly application that enables you to create your own glossaries using databases you already have in either Excel or xml files.

Building and Publishing Glossaries

To build a glossary, you must first download the Babylon Builder.

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Please note that the use of Babylon builder is for private user only.
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in order to get license information.

With Babylon's Glossary Builder you can make creative glossaries, incorporating html formatting and hyperlinks into each definition. You can also make your glossary more appealing by choosing an icon to appear next to the glossary title when displayed in Babylon's tool.

Creating Traffic to Your Site Using Hyperlinks

Use the hyperlink feature in Babylon's Builder to link any word in the text of your definitions back to your site. This will create traffic to your site from Babylon's large community of users.

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