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Babylon Translator

The best translation software available today, allowing you to translate any word that comes up on your screen instantly!

Our Premium version offers Term Translations in 77 languages, amount of Full Text Translations, amount of Formatted Document Translations, and much more…


Premium Dictionaries

For Babylon

You can enhance your Babylon experience by adding on dictionary results from a number of the world’s best publishers. Results from these premium dictionaries seamlessly integrate with your existing Babylon translator, providing you with definitions and translations from some of your favorite sources.

Human Voice

For Babylon

Our advanced text to speech technology allows you to hear any text read in a natural sounding voice. Now, you won’t just know the right word to say, you will also know how to say it.


Online or offline

Learn a new Language

Learn a new language on your own, or with a private online teacher. Improve your language skills at home, at work or on the go and speak like a native speaker!

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