For language learners

Harnessing the power of Babylon for rapid language acquisition


Babylon plays a pivotal role in your language learning journey. It provides quick and accurate translations, aiding comprehension of unfamiliar words and phrases.

By offering contextual translations, pronunciation assistance, and vocabulary expansion, your process acquiring a new language will be optimized.

Babylon accelerates overall language acquisition, empowering learners to communicate effectively in their target language.

Main features

Pricing – annual licenses








Want to try our free demo?

You will be able to use 1 dictionary and limited tries of text and document translation.

Premium features

Premium Dictionaries

Your favorite dictionaries, in the language of your choice, seamlessly integrate with Babylon to provide an even greater selection of translations and definitions.

Human voice

With Babylon’s human voice feature you’ll learn correct speech pronunciation. Click on a word or sentence, and a natural sounding human voice will read it aloud, using the proper native dialect. Babylon’s human voice feature is available in 30 different languages.
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