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Document content insights

Get an automatic summary of any document in any language. With any translation task, you can extract and distil insights instantly for better decision-making.

Customizable dictionaries

The solution includes customizable dictionaries to enable your organization and teams to standardize or enforce key terminology in the translation output.


Our solution can easily handle hundreds of thousands of words per minute. Any volume or number of target languages is delivered at the right speed.

Fully secured

The solution can be deployed behind your firewall – on-premises or in a private cloud – to ensure that content stays within the security of your network.

Consistent activation

Users do not need to guess or decide where to look for information and do not waste time performing tedious cycles of launch-login-navigate-search in various systems. 

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1 click activation

Single-click activation method that is intuitively adopted by users, providing the translation instantly, without leaving your current application, and without losing focus and time.


Babylon offer dozens of dictionaries in most leading languages. You can also integrate premium dictionaries of leading publishers with Babylon and have all sources available in one place.

Context Sensitivity

Babylon can “understand” what users need based on screen context information. For instance, if a user clicks on “state” in the phrase “state of the art”, Babylon provides results for the whole phrase. 

Wikipedia results

Efficiently access Wikipedia’s vast knowledge in multiple languages with just a click, expanding your understanding and global perspective.

Text translation

Babylon allows immediate text translation in most leading languages. You can translate full sentences, and even paragraphs with a single click! 
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