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The best translation software available today, allowing you to translate any word that comes up on your screen instantly!

Unlimited term translations | Quick installation | No credit card

About Babylon

Babylon caters both private and corporate users, offering different solutions to different needs.

Private users

Private users

The best free translation software, offering translation at a click of anything that comes up on your screen!

Additional premium features available.

Corporate users

Corporate users

All of the translation features available are available for the corporate user, including simple and silent deployment.

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions

The enterprise solution offers data retrieval at a click from your very own data warehouse, with optional translation features.

FREE Private use - Key features

The free version of Babylon is only available to private users, offering the following free key features:

Translation at a click

Simply point your mouse at a word that appears on your screen, do the babylon click and the translation will appear instantly!

77 Languages supported

Babylon supports the translation to and from a selection of up to 77 languages!

Wikipedia Inside!

All the latest information from Wikipedia is now made accessible at a click!


The below screenshots show you the screens for the free term translation as well as the premium full text and formatted document translation.

Term Translation

Text Translation

Document Translation

Premium Private use - Key features

The premium version of Babylon is only available to private users, offering the following free key features:

Unlimited Text Translation

There is no need to switch screens, change applications, or even copy and paste. With Babylon, translation is always only a click away.

Unlimited Formatted Document Translation

Whether it is a report for your next meeting, or a paper for school, you can quickly have all of your documents translated while maintaining their original format.

The Babylon Human Voice

Our advanced text-to-speech technology allows you to hear any text read in a natural sounding voice. Now, you won’t just know the right word to say, you will also know how to say it.

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